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This site was developed to help educate manufacturers and others in the automation industry about collaborative robots, the fastest growing segment in industrial automation. It is hosted by WTWH Media and sponsored by Universal Robots, the market leader in collaborative robots (cobots). Whether you’re just starting to learn about cobots or you’re knee-deep with your fifth cobot integration, this site will provide helpful information, offered through white papers, case study videos, events, literature and educational webinars.

Collaborative Robots and Machine Tending

This white paper takes an in-depth look at machine tending operations within today’s factories, and how cobots help machine shops free up valuable personnel, increase capacity while improving quality, and breathe new life into idle equipment.

More White Papers

Building the Case for Robotic Automation

Cobots help manufacturers

reveal the heart of the wood

Improving Production Quality with Cobots

This white paper lists ten benefits of automating with collaborative robots and how to quantify those benefits to secure funding approval within your organization.

This new white paper to demonstrates why four world leaders in quality systems have chosen Universal Robots to be their standard robot product offering.

This white paper discusses how Universal Robots’ Cobots are helping industries and companies that never before benefited from automated solutions to reshore operations, improve quality, fill labor gaps, and improve worker health and retention.

Case Studies

Universal Robots Automates Small Batch Welding at Montana Solar

MT Solar designs and manufactures mounting structures for solar modules of all sizes. A DIY Vectis Cobot Welding Tool powered by a Universal Robots UR10e collaborative robot now handles a wide range of welds, enabling quick change-overs and optimized production. MT Solar overcame labor shortages and freed current staff from repetitive welding tasks while successfully handling a 300% surge in demand.

Universal Robots quadruples injection molding output at Dynamic Group

Dynamic Group had difficulty staffing their injection molding production and wanted to make better use of their existing labor force. Three collaborative robot arms from Universal Robots have now taken over several repetitive tasks resulting in improved product consistency and production capacity increases of up to 400%.

Cobots Take Over Undesirable Tasks; Optimize Assembly & Packaging by 30%

Darex, a manufacturer of drill and knife sharpeners implemented cobots for screw-driving and box-erecting applications and optimized its assembly and packaging operations by 30 percent.


e-Series Brochure

Automotive Ebook

Metal/Machining Ebook

Meet the e-Series cobot from Universal Robots featuring a built-in force torque sensor. There are boundless applications this cobot can do, from packaging and palletizing to machine tending and assembly.

This ebook describes the benefits of collaborative robots in automotive, provides examples of tasks that cobots can take over, and links to three real-world case studies showing successful cobots in the automotive space.

This ebook describes the benefits of collaborative robots in the metals industry, provides examples of tasks that cobots can take over, and links to real-world case studies showing successful cobots in metalworking and machining.


Next Level Productivity: The right UR+ Application Kit for you

Collaborative Robots: Are They as Safe as They Sound?

Collaborative Robot Tasks: Light Years Beyond Pick & Place

Join this webinar to learn the basics of collaborative robot technology and how to get started. You will learn about the UR+ Ecosystem and how it can help you reach your ROI faster. Listen to our speakers share information about UR+ kits in action at manufacturing facilities worldwide.

This webinar provides insight into cobot safety, looking at how cobots are safer than "old" industrial robots, defining terms such as "power and force limiting" and "protective stop," and exploring the importance of risk assessments.

In this webinar, we’ll explore the latest and most exciting applications that cobots are tackling, including AI, teleoperation, cloud-based/cell phone cobot programming, and tasks that can be done by combining a cobot mounted to a mobile robot. If you’re looking to automate in 2022 but aren’t sure a collaborative robot can handle the task at hand, this webinar is for you!

Speak with a Collaborative Automation Expert

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